23 May 2009

some people have NO sense of humor

Yesterday afternoon I was running errands with my boys, and we stopped at Stew Leonard's for beer.

It was a bit more busy than is usual, this being Memorial Day weekend, with people gearing up for the start of the OFFICIAL SUMMER DRINKING SEASON. (As opposed to Thanksgiving, the start of the OFFICIAL WINTER DRINKING SEASON.)

As a promotion, there was an inflatable bear at the door, courtesy of Saranac. He looked a bit like a squat Smokey the Bear, and he was holding a beer in one hand. Sacha, being a toddler, couldn't resist interacting with the bear, and at one point, he even put the beer bottle in his mouth, which I thought was pretty funny. (The incongruity, NOT the underage drinking! Although perhaps the use of small, cuddly creatures to sell beer, in some small way, condones underage drinking? Just a thought.) The grandparents may not have appreciated the humor in this, but David, and my friends sure would have!

I fumbled to grab my phone and take a picture, but by that point, the moment had passed.

So on our way out, I took out my phone in advance, prepared the camera, and let boys linger in the hopes of getting a good shot. Sacha starting talking to the bear, gently punching him, and laughing at his own jokes. It was really quite amusing. At which point, an employee came running out and screamed, "Sweetheart, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! DON'T BREAK THE BEAR!"

This bear was about the height of a toddler; it very much resembled an inflatable punching clown. It was perfect for smacking around. How could a three-year old resist?

But being the astute reader of people that I am, I immediately understood this passive-aggressive jibe at my parenting, hung my head in shame, and moved on to the car.

And that is why I have no funny picture to show you.

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