31 May 2009

Pelvic Thrust

Sacha, my youngest child, is a slip of a thing--he is 3-1/2, and just hit 30 pounds a month ago--but he is mightily strong for, as my grandfather would have said, such a skinny malinx.

He is also one of the most willful forces of nature I have yet to encounter, and I know from strong-willed children. Sacha is the child who has famously yelled at David or myself, on more than one occasion, GIVE ME BACK MY POOP! because was morally offended that we've had the temerity to clean his soiled bottom when he was not in the mood for this.

Like all children of this age, he will sometimes resist being buckled into his car seat. And like all reasonable mothers, I consider this a non-negotiable item. So I occasionally have to resort to groin stabilization in order to accomplish this task. Usually my hand will suffice, but one day this week, he was particularly spoiling for a fight, and was bucking so mightily that I had to use my knee (gently, I promise!) to stabilize him while buckling.

As I once again marveled at how this small child can muster so much strength, I couldn't help but muse that his admirable pelvic thrusting abilities will hopefully, one day, make some woman, (or man) extremely happy.


  1. Pamela, has he really yelled 'Give me back my poop'?

  2. J, he has indeed. On more than one occasion. I kid you not. He is the craziest child I have had the privilege to spawn.