23 July 2009

Her balls are so big she doesn't even know she has them

Tonight Sarah went to a swim meet in the rain. I brought the boys home early, as a friend agreed to watch Sarah. When the meet ended, she called to tell us she was on her way home.

"Hi Mom," she said. "I did really well; I got first place in freestyle."
"Great!" I replied.
"I'm leaving in a minute; could you please run me a hot bath for when I get home?"

I did not answer, because I thought it would be unkind to ask what madam cared to drink this evening, so I could have it ready upon her arrival, and, would she also like her towel warmed?

I like to think the service is excellent here, but this was a bridge too far.

When she got home not five minutes later, the first thing she said was, "Is my bath ready?"


"But I'm really cold, and I asked you to run it for me!"

I thought about laying out the distinctions between a house and a hotel, but instead, I laughed, and suggested that perhaps her energies would be better utilized if she drew herself a bath.

I often marvel at how effortlessly bossy my daughter is; it is my fondest wish that this will serve her well one day, when she is running the world.

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