12 June 2009

The apple does not fall far

I would say that Sarah is only a slightly fussy eater. In the scheme of a child's palate, hers is is pretty broad; she enjoys pasta with walnut sauce, all sorts of fish and like all my children, has a passion for mangoes that is slightly frightening.

She is also a highly articulate food critic. When she does not enjoy something, she will explain, in great detail, precisely why she can not eat it.

I suppose you could call it damning with faint praise:

"I like the flavor of this chicken, but the sauce is a little too slippery for me."

Or "I don't care for the way you made the asparagus tonight; it's a bit too crunchy."

Or "This pasta is good, but it's not my favorite because I prefer when you don't make it with whole wheat pasta."

Or my personal favorite, uttered when she was approximately three, in response to something delicious, "It's just too flavorish for me."

When I went grocery shopping this week, I bought a new kind of ice cream, Haagen-Dazs Five. It was on sale, and I'd heard it was good. (Since having children, I only buy ice cream on sale; holy shit it's expensive!)

Tonight we broke out the chocolate ice cream for the kids after dinner. David mentioned to me that Sarah hadn't eaten much of her ice cream, and if I was curious, I should try some.

I responded, "I don't really like chocolate ice cream, but I do I love chocolate."

I continued, "it's just that I think it tastes best on it's own. The flavor of the milk dilutes the the taste of chocolate. Actually, I feel the same way about most chocolate desserts."

David listened to all of this. We tried to keep a straight face, because I really did sound ridiculous. It was obvious who I sounded like.

As he left the room, he called out to me, "You reap what you have sown."

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