12 February 2009

The layered look

"Mama, can you help me?" Gabriel called, with a mixture bemusement and panic. "I was playing, and I got stuck."

So upstairs I went. Gabriel occasionally entertains himself by donning many, many layers of clothing. This time he had put on enough layers to wedge himself in good and tight.

I gingerly peeled him out of the following:
two long-sleeved pajama tops; a short-sleeved pajama top; a hooded sweater (backwards), a long-sleeved knit polo shirt. Oh, and his pants were backwards.

He looked like the spawn of the Michelin Man and Popeye. I wanted to take a series of shots as I removed each layer, but Gabriel was not in the mood to be photographed. So these, from the archives, will have to suffice.

Oh, my love.

1 comment:

  1. oh my...he's such a cutie, even in a tutu.

    in that one pic, he really looks like d.